Pioneering new health innovation pathways

As a company, we are committed to representing and creating leading disruptive innovation that goes beyond business to demonstrate our care for every life that we encounter.

We seek to differentiate ourselves by being a company of firsts in the delivery of advanced technology and unprecedented service delivery while creating and capturing uncontested market space.

A culture of revolution

We embrace a culture of continuous revolution and innovation. Our creative side thrives on big ideas that are coupled with value creation for our customers.

We are inspired by “Moonshot Thinking” which is to identify a huge problem and create a radical solution to the problem using disruptive technology. We are fuelled by exigency, not normality or complacency.

We embrace a 10x attitude

Our success is attributed to our people. We believe in hiring the right people, the dreamers, the problem solvers, the big thinkers and the ambitious. Those who have an innovation mindset and believe that nothing is impossible.


Nexmed is committed to sustainable leadership.  As a global citizen we consider our environment, our society, and our stakeholders, which to us is anyone that is connected to, or affected by our business.

As a company our leadership reflects our long-term sustainable development goals.


To be a global icon and technological leader in the creation, adaption, and advancement of integrated healthcare solutions for the overall benefit of the patient and healthcare.


To add value to the life of every person that we encounter, by caring through innovation and making care personal.


We do what is necessary for the welfare of every person that we encounter (core value)

We treat every person with their right to be valued and respected

We embrace a culture of continuous revolution and innovation

We practice rectitude in everything that we do

We carry ourselves and our work with distinction


Nexmed is devoted to the highest quality in delivering our products and services, as we believe that it is a driver of customer satisfaction.

To us, quality means providing the right product and service to our customers, when they need it, in an affordable, effective, and professional manner.

It also means the constant evaluation of our business whilst engaging with our customers, suppliers, and partners to continually improve our organization.

As such we persistently commit ourselves to the highest regulatory standards and bodies governing our business.

Sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a company that believes in the notion of “profit is for purpose”, and as such we exist for the elevation of society.

We are deeply committed to assisting those in need in our community via a host of philanthropic activities.  We measure our success by the impact that we have on humanity, firstly through our products and services, but more so through our upliftment of society.

A significant portion of our post-tax profits are utilized for strategic philanthropy and outreach.

Sustainability: Corporate Governance

We believe that good corporate governance drives sustainability, which is what is needed if we are going to make a lasting impact on society. Nexmed is committed to complying with the requirements of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008, as amended.

As a member of SAMED, Nexmed also subscribes to the SAMED Medical Device Code of Ethical Marketing and Business Practice.

"Our mission is to add value to the life of every person that we encounter, by caring through innovation and making care personal."

Jonathan Burger, Founder and CEO