Robotic technologies are fast changing the landscape of healthcare. Nexmed is dedicated to the acquisition, development, and co-creation of robotic solutions, from service robots to surgical robots. Robots can bridge the gap between humans and machines, and augment human abilities. This allows for greater efficiency, reduced risk, and better outcomes.

Surgical Optimization Solutions

Within the age of personalized medicine, Nexmed provides end-to-end surgical solutions for pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative planning, and execution of surgery. This allows surgeons to map out a patient specific clinical pathway, utilizing the most advanced technology and resources to optimize patient outcomes.

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Digital health systems allow for earlier and more accurate diagnosis and enhanced clinical decision making, through a host of interconnected devices and/or software. This allows for improved patient outcomes across the care continuum. As a company we are committed to fast tracking digital transformation in Africa by representing and developing the most advanced digital health solutions.

Nexmed Centre for Surgical Innovation and Advanced 3D Printing

Personalized patient specific implants and tools, and advanced 3D planning has become a fundamental instrument in surgical preparation. Producing unique anatomical models and devices per patient is at the heart of personalized patient care. Utilizing this technology allows for advanced visualization techniques, which assists surgeons to develop a tailor-made surgical approach for each individual patient.