500 for 500 Drive

Oct 5, 2020


Distribution of 500 sleeping bags and blankets to the homeless in Cape Town by December 2020. Nexmed is involved with many community outreach initiatives, strategic philanthropy and humanitarian aids.  One of the current projects we are busy with is the purchase and distribution of 500 sleeping bags and blankets for the homeless. According to the […]

Establishment of the Nexmed Centre for Surgical Innovation and Advanced 3D Printing

Oct 5, 2020

3D Printing Lab Establishment

The launch of Africa’s most advanced 3D printing laboratory Q3 2021. Around the globe, technological advancements like 3D printing and advanced visualization have contributed significantly to personalized patient care.  These technologies assist surgeons and clinicians in developing tailored surgical plans for patients who require complex procedures.  Having the ability to visualize a patients unique and […]

ISO13485 Certification

Dec 8, 2020

As a medical device manufacturer, we are serious about quality management.  For this reason it is essential that we continually strive to implement and maintain the highest regulatory frameworks governing our design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices and related services.  We envision to receive our certification by Q2 2021 in line with the […]

King IV Code Implementation

Dec 8, 2020

Nexmed supports good corporate governance as we believe that it is a driver of long-term sustainability.  For this reason we have voluntarily chosen to implement the King IV Code principles of good governance.  We envision to have the implementation completed by the end of 2021.