Nexmed Healthcare Solutions: Fast tracking digital transformation in Africa

Jun 15, 2020

  • The UV-D Robot and other lifesaving / life enhancing technologies have been brought to Sub-Saharan Africa by Nexmed Healthcare Solutions
  • Nexmed Healthcare Solutions is a medtech company focusing on 4IR enabled healthcare solutions for the improvement and advancement of patient care and clinical outcomes.
  • One UV-D Robot can kill 99,999% of all pathogens in a typical 25m² area in under 10 minutes. It can decontaminate an average sized surgical theatre in eight minutes autonomously and is currently used in more than 50 countries worldwide.
  • In 2016 Blue Ocean Robotics, Nexmed’s strategic partner, was in the top three of the Startup World Award for UV-D Robots at the AUTOMATICA Fair in Munich. In 2020, the robots have already won three international awards for tech innovation and last year Blue Ocean Robotics and UV-D Robots won one of the robotics industry’s biggest international awards, the IERA Award 2019.
  • Nexmed’s next innovation, Orthoview, allows surgeons to precisely plan their joint replacement surgeries, saving time and money.

The speed with which the UV-D Robot decontaminates spaces allows for easy integration into the workplace, schools, gyms, airports etc. More importantly, the robot goes beyond cleaning and sanitising, it disinfects the area and does this autonomously

Nexmed Healthcare Solutions Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Burger says: “Unlike the alternatives, it requires no harmful chemicals which create health risks due to long term exposure. It also requires no human labour or lengthy disinfection cycles. It is safe to enter the room immediately after disinfection as most fogging agents require at least two to six hours ventilation time before a person can re-enter, which is disruptive.”

“Although hospitals pre-screen patients before elective surgery, it is not fool proof and the decontamination process not only kills coronavirus, but is effective against other serious superbugs such as Ebola, MRSA, VRE, CRE, Candida, C.Diff, Pseudomonas and more, says Burger. The UV-D Robot comes with proprietary software to track and validate the disinfection, as well as UV-C dosimeters to measure the effectiveness of the disinfection – providing clients with validation that the pathogens are gone.

How does it work?

The robots are equipped with germicidal UV-C light. This means it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, virus and other pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. In short, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.

What’s next from Nexmed Healthcare SolutionsAnother of Nexmed’s technologies is the GoBe One Telepresence Robot. Its main purpose is to connect individuals seamlessly while maintaining the human touch. The Robot allows for virtual/autonomous consultations between patients and consultants. It will arrive later this month in Africa and Europe.

The next big innovation Nexmed Healthcare Solutions will be launching is OrthoView. “We are very excited to announce the launch of our advanced surgical planning and optimisation lab in coming months. Our lab will be equipped with the most advanced 3D printing technology coupled with advanced surgical planning software. “The first stage of our launch is to introduce the world’s most advanced orthopaedic pre-surgical planning software to Africa. In partnership with a global leader in additive manufacturing and surgical software, Materialise.

Dr Brett Levine Associate Professor, Rush University Medical Center and Adult Reconstruction Service Line Director, Elmhurst Hospital, Illinois says: “Templating with OrthoView is very fast and versatile, and the number of templates available to the surgeon is near limitless.” In addition, the ability to access plans from any device at any time, even in the OR during surgery, is a huge benefit.

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Who is Nexmed Healthcare Solutions?

“We are looking to play a significant part in fast-tracking Africa’s exposure and adoption to digital transformation for the overall benefit of advancing healthcare,” says Burger.

Nexmed Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2019 with the primary objective of creating a healthier world through innovative solutions spanning the full healthcare eco-system. The company provides disruptive innovation and technologies to its customers, empowering them to offer enhanced patient treatment and ultimately change the face of healthcare.

Their motto is caring through innovation, which speaks of a vested interest at every level of the organisation to constantly pioneer, enhance and co-create improved technologies that demonstrate their personal care for every life they encounter.