Nexmed Healthcare Solutions – fast tracking digital transformation in Africa

Oct 20, 2020

  • The UV-D Robot and other lifesaving / life enhancing technologies have been brought to Sub-Saharan Africa by Nexmed Healthcare Solutions
  • Nexmed Healthcare Solutions is a medtech company focusing on 4IR enabled healthcare solutions for the improvement and advancement of patient care and clinical outcomes.
  • One UV-D Robot can kill 99,999% of all pathogens in a typical 25m² area in under 10 minutes. It can decontaminate an average sized surgical theatre in eight minutes autonomously and is currently used in more than 50 countries worldwide.
  • In 2016 Blue Ocean Robotics, Nexmed’s strategic partner, was in the top three of the Startup World Award for UV-D Robots at the AUTOMATICA Fair in Munich. In 2020, the robots have already won three international awards for tech innovation and last year Blue Ocean Robotics and UV-D Robots won one of the robotics industry’s biggest international awards, the IERA Award 2019.
  • Nexmed’s next innovation, Orthoview, allows surgeons to precisely plan their joint replacement surgeries, saving time and money.